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Steel Ducting and Flexible Ducting

The Spiral Duct and Female Couplers are female ended meaning that all fittings such as Reducers, Bends etc are male ended and will slot straight in.
A Male Coupler and worm drive hose clamps will be required to do this.
This is both M8 & M10, starting at 10mm then steps into 8mm.

Filter Bags

All sizes are compatible with multiple units – i.e. UMA 250 fits units – UMA 252, 253 & 254. The final number (2,3 or 4) relates to the bin size. G5, K7 etc. relates to the fan size.
We supply multiple finishes on the filter bags. Please scroll down to the description on the filter find out what the different finishes are used for.

Panel Filters

We supply multiple grades of Panel Filters. Please view the panel filter products and scroll down to the description to find out the grade specification.