5 Useful Features of Stayput Flexible Ducting

Stayput Flexible Ducking

5 Useful Features of Stayput Flexible Ducting Anticipated reading time is around a 3 minutes. Stayput flexible ducting is one of the popular and versatile types of duct offered by Dust Spares. Used by customers in a wide range of industries. Stayput has a solid PVC construction that makes it durable without compromising on its … Continue Reading »

Extractor Bags or Cartridge Filters: Which are Best for Your Workshop?

Estimated reading time – 4 minutes If your work involves sanding, cutting, or shaping any material that produces lots of airborne dust when worked, you’re going to need local and ambient dust extraction and filtering in place to craft safely. If left unchecked, dust build-up can ingrain on and damage equipment and paint, cause breathing … Continue Reading »