Price of plastic is on the up and what it means for you – Dust Extractor Bags

Image to show the price freeze that runs out on the 16th April at 14:30 GMT

Price Freeze- Dust Extractor Bags Ends Friday 16th April at 14:30 GMT Here at Dust Spares, we strive to get you the best quality materials, offering thousands of stock products available for next day delivery. With this said, one of our most popular products are our Dust Extraction Bags, which are manufactured from high strength … Continue Reading »

Extractor Bags or Cartridge Filters: Which are Best for Your Workshop?

Estimated reading time – 4 minutes If your work involves sanding, cutting, or shaping any material that produces lots of airborne dust when worked, you’re going to need local and ambient dust extraction and filtering in place to craft safely. If left unchecked, dust build-up can ingrain on and damage equipment and paint, cause breathing … Continue Reading »

Our Range Of Wood Dust Extractor Floppy Filter Bags

Our Range of Wood Dust Extractor Floppy Filter Bags

If your business is involved in timber processing, furniture making, or other woodwork, you’ll understand the importance of the dust and chip extractor for eliminating wood dust from the workspace. Efficient dust extraction is vital to keep the work area free of debris, improving the accuracy of your cutting, and protecting workers from inhaling dust … Continue Reading »