Price of plastic is on the up and what it means for you – Dust Extractor Bags

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Price Freeze- Dust Extractor Bags Ends Friday 16th April at 14:30 GMT Here at Dust Spares, we strive to get you the best quality materials, offering thousands of stock products available for next day delivery. With this said, one of our most popular products are our Dust Extraction Bags, which are manufactured from high strength … Continue Reading »

A Brief Guide to Spray Booth Filters

Paint Overspray Filters

A Brief Guide to Spray Booth Filters – 3 minute read A spray booth is any enclosed environment made to facilitate paint spraying. It helps prevent dust and other particles from contaminating the air inside, or escaping to the outside environment. As such, each spray booth requires an extraction system capable of removing fine particulate … Continue Reading »

Custom-Made Dust Extraction Parts: You Sketch It, We Make It!

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Have you searched for ages for just the right dust extraction component and been unable to find anything? Have you ordered a replacement part ‘rated’ for your machinery, only to discover that it’s the wrong size, shape, or material to work correctly with your LEV systems? Do you need a replacement for an impossible-to-find part … Continue Reading »

The Tell-Tale Signs That Your Flexible Ducting Hose Needs To Be Replaced

Know When To Replace Your Flexible Ducting Banner

Dust extraction systems play a key role in many industries, ensuring that air is clean and safe, helping to maintain product quality and improving the manufacturing process. They are also essential to enable businesses to comply with health and safety law, so a fully functioning system, with high quality components in optimum condition, is essential … Continue Reading »