Are Fire Dampers Required In Exhaust Ducts?

fire dampers

fire dampers

Fire safety is a priority for all businesses, with strict regulations governing the measures companies must take to reduce the risk of a blaze occur. In manufacturing industries, where a wide variety of materials and equipment are in use, more stringent precautions are necessary.

What Are Fire Dampers?

In the unfortunate event that a fire breaks out, it’s reasonable to assume that it would spread rapidly through your premises. This can even occur in ductwork, which can act as a corridor for the fire, causing it to spread quickly between different areas of the workplace.

Fire dampers for ductwork are fire protection devices that are used in ventilation, heating, and HVAC ducts to prevent a fire from spreading. Shaped to fit around ducts and certified with the CE mark to meet health and safety and environmental standards in the European Economic Area (EEA), fire dampers close when the temperature within the ducting rises. Fire damper testing requirements are designed to ensure they are reliable in the event of a fire, but not prone to accidental release that would cause the shutdown of your extraction system.

How Are Fire Dampers Designed?

Fire dampers contain a thermal element (the fusible link) that melts at a temperature low enough to indicate the presence of fire (but above normal ambient temperatures to avoid accidental triggering). When this happens, an automatically activating spring closes the damper blades so a fire cannot travel through the ducting. In environments where the ambient temperature is usually higher, a higher degree fusible link can be installed.

Our fire dampers are constructed from durable galvanized steel that is highly resistant to heat, with a 100mm fire damper the smallest in our product range. Our dampers feature a fusible link that can be reset after use. Fire dampers can be set into masonry, floors or walls, or built into bulkheads and steel decks.

Fire Dampers From Dust Spares

Fire dampers are vital safety components that can help to protect your business in the worst-case scenario. At Dust Spares, we stock a variety of fire dampers for all types of ductwork, from 100mm to 300mm in diameter.

Our fire dampers have a 2-hour fire rating, however other ratings are available on request.

If you require larger sizes, get in touch, and our specialists will be pleased to arrange a no-obligation quote for you.


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