5 Useful Features of Stayput Flexible Ducting

Stayput Flexible Ducking

Stayput Flexible Ducking

5 Useful Features of Stayput Flexible Ducting

Anticipated reading time is around a 3 minutes. Stayput flexible ducting is one of the popular and versatile types of duct offered by Dust Spares. Used by customers in a wide range of industries. Stayput has a solid PVC construction that makes it durable without compromising on its flexibility. Besides that, it has several handy features that make it the best choice for fume extraction and removal of woodworking dust in various applications. This article gives a detailed explanation of the top five features of stayput flexible ducting. Also looking at what could make it the best choice for your business. You can find stayput flex here.

1) Temperature range of -20° to 80° C+

This flexible duct is made of a robust polyvinyl chloride (PVC) sections. These materials are designed to operate optimally under a temperature range from -20°C up to 80° C+. This is perfect for low temperatures and above room temperature, but if you prefer ducting that is more versatile then we’d suggest you look at some of the aluminium ducting. If, however, the temperatures you’re working with are between -20 and +80, then this might be the one you need.

2) Self-supporting duct

Another thing that makes stayput flexible ducting so good is its ability to support itself. Despite being available as a five-metre long flexible duct. In other words, it can accommodate and support its weight in close range distances without the need for additional supports – staying true to its name! Additionally, you can bend the ducting into a number of shapes to help you navigate tight spots. This handy feature makes the Stayput flexible duct the best pick for workshop dust extraction ducting in the industry. More importantly, this ducting system allows you to tackle hard-to-reach spots or tasks with ease.

3) Adjustable diameter

Having a flexible duct that gives room for modifications in extraction capacity is a blessing for most workplaces. This means that you can adapt the ducting to your extraction needs without risking the duct becoming clogged. Adjustments can be made by hand without the need for tools. Simply grab the duct and twist it in a clockwise direction to make it wider and larger. Twisting it counter-clockwise to make the duct smaller and narrower. Most types of Stayput have an adjustable diameter of plus or minus 30% of the stated diameter. Standard Stayput is sold as 100mm diameter flexible ducting and is suitable for moderate tasks. For heavier duty operations, 125mm and 150mm diameters are available.

4) Resistant to acids and chemicals

Stayput has excellent chemical and acid resistance due to its extremely strong PVC material construction. The interior lining is very strong and can withstand any abrasive actions from acidic chemicals and dust. As a result, the ducting is great for handling or extracting caustic exhaust fumes, paint and solvent particles, and metallic dust.

5) Self-extinguishing feature

Stayput flexible ducting has a medium-weight wall constructed with polyvinyl chloride materials, with self-extinguishing properties, reducing the risk of fire and explosion. This also makes the ductwork stronger and better able to withstand impacts and high pressure environments than other ductwork.

Is Stayput right for you?

Stayput flexible ducting has a wide range of uses and offers excellent value for money as a general-purpose ducting solution. We keep various lengths of Stayput in stock and ready for fast dispatch, alongside several other varieties of specialist ducting. To place an order or discuss your needs with one of our team, please give us a call today on 03456 800 696. Alternatively shop online here – Stayput Flex.


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