What Industries Use Dust Extraction Systems?

why industries use dust extraction systems

why industries use dust extraction systems

Dust extraction systems are vital in a range of commercial and industrial settings to improve the safety and efficiency of machinery, and protect the health of operators. Extraction systems remove dust and shavings, such as wood, plastic and powders, from machinery, giving operatives a safer environment in which to use the equipment, and also removes fine particles from the air that may be inadvertently inhaled. Some of these particles may cause severe or life-limiting illnesses, so removing them is essential.

Where Are Dust Extraction Systems Used?

Dust extraction systems are common in a range of sites, including:

  • Pharmaceutical laboratories
  • Woodwork shops and joinery settings
  • Hospitals
  • Food production sites, including kitchens
  • Schools, for instance in laboratories and technology workshops
  • Quarries
  • Recycling plants
  • Power plants
  • Metal fabrication
  • MOD sites
  • Motor body shops

The Importance Of Dust Extraction

For people working in industries in which there is the potential for airborne contaminants, effective dust extraction systems are not just a matter of sensible advice, but a legal requirement.

The HSE’s ‘Occupational Lung Disease in Great Britain Report’ in 2017 highlighted that 12,000 deaths occur every year as a result of lung disease caused by previous exposure to contaminants in the workplace. As a result, the Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) requirements ensure that strict safeguards are in-place to make sure that the extraction system is effective at removing airborne contaminants.

Dust Spares: For All Your Dust Extraction Needs

Like many industrial systems, a planned programme of preventive maintenance is essential to identify potential problems in a timely manner, to ensure components are replaced before they degrade or fail, and to minimise unscheduled downtime.

At Dust Spares, we supply all the spare parts your dust extraction system may require, so you can carry out preventive maintenance on-time. Our comprehensive range of spares include:

If you’re responsible for extraction system maintenance, make sure you check your system regularly and maintain a stock of essential key components to prevent costly and inconvenient downtime, helping save your business money and maximise productivity. For more information, simply browse our website or give us a call on 03456 800 696 to discuss your needs.


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