Dust And Fume Extraction Arms For Different Work Applications And Environments

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The extraction of dust particles from the workplace is a matter of high importance for many businesses. Although small – even so minuscule that they cannot be easily seen – particles that are sprayed into the air like an aerosol can pose a substantial risk to the health of operatives and visitors, as well as affecting the quality of products and the efficiency of expensive machinery.

A highly efficient dust extraction system is, therefore, a must-have for many businesses in diverse industries and a dust extraction arm can significantly improve the efficiency of the system.

What Is A Dust Extraction Arm?

A dust extraction arm, also known as a flexible fume extraction arm, allows a capture hood to be moved and repositioned precisely – for example, over a workbench or specific workpiece that requires you to collect dust and fumes immediately on their release. The capture hood is attached to a flexible hose through which dust and fumes are extracted, allowing also for easy movement and adjustment.

When Are Dust Extraction Arms Necessary?

Industries that require dust extraction systems include manufacturing (particularly those that use wood or plastics which can produce excess particles), pharmaceutical producers, food manufacturers, and metal workshops. However, not all require dust extraction arms.

Dust extraction arms are useful in three situations:

  1. The source of the dust particles changes position – for example, during manufacturing – so extraction needs to take place in different areas of the workshop.
  2. Dust is produced over a large area, such as on a workbench (a benchtop extraction arm is particularly useful in this situation).
  3. A fixed static collection hood is not suitable – for example, due to the design of the workplace or the positioning of equipment.

Dust Extraction Arms From Dust Spares

At Dust Spares, we have an extensive range of dust and fume extraction arms for your business, which features:

  • High quality galvanised steel construction with an electrostatic zinc plate finish to prevent rust and corrosion;
  • A polyurethane or PVC flexible ducting hose for optimum positioning;
  • A butterfly damper to regulate flow or to shut off the arm when not in use;
  • No internal components or moving parts that may corrode;
  • No internal obstructions that could cause inefficient dust or fume extraction.

All our extraction arms are fully assembled with a mounting plate for ease of installation.

You can also order an Extraction Arm if you have not got a wall to mount the arm to.

We also offer dust and fume extraction arms in three sizes: 1 metre, 2 metre and 3-metre radius. Our selection ranges from mini standard flexible arms with a diameter between 80mm and 100mm, to larger flexible extraction arms with a diameter between 100mm and 150mm.

Find Out More

For advice about the dust extraction arm that is most appropriate for your business, simply get in touch to discuss your requirements.


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