Dust Spares Doubles

New warehouse

Dust Spares doubles its capacity with new warehouse space – meaning more staff, more stock and more importantly an improved service for our growing customer base.

The new warehouse will have capacity to hold over 50,000 pieces and parts, allowing Dust Spares to fulfil your orders more efficiently and with less time to wait for items to come back into stock, since our capacity to maintain stock levels has increased tenfold.

“We’re extremely excited to mark mid-year with the opening of our midlands-based warehouse, which plays an essential role in enabling us to meet growing customer demand for Dust Spares products” – Managing Director Peter Bentley.

This launch marks a pivotal moment for Dust Spares, moving forward more confidently than ever in the direction of the business’ next growth phase. Where we aim to increase capacity for new product ranges, create new employment opportunities for new and existing staff and continue to boost customer service.


“I am incredibly proud of my team, whose hard work and dedication has enabled us to get where we are today. As a team we are all looking forward – looking at new ways to provide an even better experience for our customers” – Managing Director Peter Bentley.

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