Features of our Dust Extraction Arm

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Video Transcript:
Hi guys and thanks for joining me. For this video I will be explaining the key features of our Dust Extraction Arm. This is used for the suction and transfer of dust and particles such as wood waste and general industrial applications.
These are available in a 1, 2 or 3 metre radius arm, which is the distance they will reach from a fixed point with a full 180 degree pivot movement.
These are supplied as a fully built arm with a mounting plate, used for fixing to a wall or a floor stand – as we have here. These are made from steel box sections with a zinc plated finish, and they come with a length of PU Flexible Ducting in a range of diameters depending on the length of your arm.
They also come with a circular hood with a butterfly damper to regulate the air flow or to shut off when not in use. There are no internal obstructions or moving parts which avoids any blockages or corrosion.
The 3 metre arm is supplied as a 2 metre standard arm and a 1 metre extension boom which is attached to the wall plate.
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