Our Range of Air Filters for Dust Extraction Systems

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Our Range of Air Filters Banner


Air filters are a vital part of any dust capture or filtered air intake LEV or air-con system. By trapping particulate in filter media, they ensure a safer, cleaner workspace for employees, technicians, and customers alike. They’re easily replaceable too, saving you time, money, and effort over traditional cleaning and particulate removal solutions.

But which one is the right type of filter for your extraction and exchange system? Dust Spares will almost certainly stock it – but you need to know in advance which is the best fit for your working environment and machinery. Our engineers will offer you dedicated help and information when it comes to picking. Nevertheless, it’s ideal if you have a clear picture of what you’ll need in advance.

What Type Of Card Case Filter Do I Need?

What type of filter you’ll need depends on the kind of purpose. It’s also important to note down the brands of the extractor you’re fitting – we may be able to offer you a matching, stock filter built for your machinery.

We offer flat panel, replaceable inline cartridges, and bag collection filters fitted to almost any standard size. All of our stock and custom filters are built from high-grade materials, such as polyester, ensuring excellent standards of particulate capture and containment. Dust Spares can also offer you a range of secondary filters for added air security, filter longevity, and workplace protection.

Our Main Filter Product Ranges

  • Standard panel filters – ideal for vent coverings. Can be made of strengthened card or metal framed, all arrestance and efficiency tested.
  • Cartridge filters – easily swappable, can be bulk ordered. Available in many different finishes and suitable for a wide range of units.
  • Woodwork ‘floppy’ filter bags – great for collecting wood dust/chippings or finer dust from composite materials such as MDF.
  • Filter socks – machine-adaptable bag collectors for woodwork benches, cereal and foodstuff processing, cement dust, and pharmaceutical particulate.
  • Multi-pocket filters – ideal for particulate sorting. Different finishes and filter inserts are available.
  • Drytex filters – for use with Drytex brand local extractors. Made from polyester needlefelt.
  • Dalamatic filter bags – suits Dalamatic filtration units.
  • HEPA/absolute filters – metal cased and available for a range of different models.
  • UMA secondary filters – an additional layer of protection for ducting and workspaces. Suitable for use with primary Unimaster / Donaldson / DCE dust extraction units.

Dust Extraction Filters From Dust Spares

If you need air filtration equipment or any other part of an LEV or exchanger replaced, talk to Dust Spares. We stock a vast range of different components for replacements, repairs, and new installations. We’re also proud to offer a custom part ordering service as well as obscure component replacement sourcing. Call, email, or visit our website today to find out more about what we could offer to you. We’re UK-based and ship globally.



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