Flexible Ducting For Dust Extraction Systems

Flexible Ducting Hose for Dust Extraction Systems

Flexible Ducting Hose for Dust Extraction Systems

In many industries, a workplace that is free from dust and other airborne particles is essential to ensure the optimum efficiency of equipment and protect the health of machine operatives. Dust extraction systems are used widely in many different settings, where flexible ducting hose is an integral component.

Flexible ducting – hoses, pipes, or tubes – is available in different diameters, lengths and materials according to the type and requirements of the dust extraction system. The main function is to channel particles from one place to another, so that machinery, operatives, and members of the public are protected.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Flexible Ducting Hose?

For any business that is installing a dust extraction system, flexible hose offers important benefits:

  • Ease of installation: flexible air duct hose is easy to manipulate and can be moulded to fit any space or configuration, so installation is uncomplicated and quick to complete;
  • Affordability: flexible hose is an inexpensive option, particularly because it is especially suitable for short duct runs;
  • Maintenance: regularly assessing hose for damage, wear or tears is a simple but important way to check for problems that could cause the dust extraction system to work less efficiently. Translucent hose also allows blockages to be quickly spotted so they can be removed;
  • Adaptability: flexible ducting hose can also be used to connect vents and outlets to existing rigid ductwork, reducing the need to undertake more costly and complex installation work – even on a temporary basis.

Types Of Flexible Ducting Hose

It is important to install the correct ducting hose, as different types are available for dust extraction systems. By selecting the right type, you can be confident that your system will operate with maximum efficiency.

Use this table as a guide to the type of flexible hose you should use for your business:

Industry Application/Hose type Hose length (M) Diameter (MM)
Woodworking Pu/HD PU Dry Product 6/10/15 50-400
Air transfer HVAC Aluminium 10 80-400
Pharmaceutical Anti-Static 10 80-610
Food industry Anti-Static 10 50-200
Air Con/Warm or Cold air transfer Aluminium insulated, Hot air transfer Silicone 4 50-200
Welding Thermaresistance 12 50-400
Chemicals Chemical rubber 10 50-200

If you require a larger size, or flexible ducting for different services, please get in touch.

Dust Spares: For All Your Flexible Duct Hose Needs

At Dust Spares, we stock an extensive range of flexible ducting for every industry and can provide expert advice about the type and size of hose that your system requires.

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