Claim your 20th Anniversary Tin (and Chocolates)

20th Year Celebrations

20th Year Celebrations

20th Anniversary

2020 has been a bit of a strange year for most of us. With the “new normal” being part of everyday language.

For us, we’re in a celebratory mood. We’ve just completed our 20th year in business and we want to share those celebrations with you (literally).

First of all, we want to take this opportunity to thank you for your support since we opened our doors in 2000, and for trusting us with all your dust spares needs. If you want to read a bit more detail about our humble beginnings then take a read of the article (after you’re finished here).

Secondly to let you know of the promotion we’re running mid-November.

How to claim your gift

  1. Add items of £20 or more to your basket
  2. Add the ‘Anniversary Tin of Chocolates’ product
  3. When you check out the Tin will show as Free of charge.

We wish you all a good end to the year and thank you again for the support.


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