How to order bespoke or fabricated ventilation and ductwork parts

Ordering Fabrication for Ductwork and Ventilation parts – You Sketch it – We make it





We know how difficult it can be getting the right ductwork “off the shelf” when your set up isn’t particularly “off the shelf” it’s self. We’ve been in the industry of Ductwork for over 20 years. Although many of the items we sell are in fact off the shelf, a large portion of our customers do require parts to be fabricated.

Their first impression (and this is almost everyone) as soon as they hear the word “bespoke” is that they ready themselves for one of two things. Long lead times or expensive quotations. I’m writing this article today to show you that neither of them are particularly true.

Yes, of course if you buy something off the shelf you can get it next day. We’re making replacements for the on the shelf items every week. So when the bespoke orders come in, we make them whilst we’re making the other parts. This means they usually have a five to seven day turn around from moment of ordering to receiving. Unless agreed otherwise at the time of ordering.

Ultimately I want to walk you through the process of Ordering bespoke or fabricated ductwork parts here at Dust Spares.

At Dust Spares, we offer a comprehensive fabrication / bespoke service for ducting and ductwork, in either galvanised or stainless steel.

All parts can be custom made to order from spiral ducting to bends, sets and fittings.

The key to a speedy service is giving us as much information from the start as you can, which is the reason for this blog, so you can get the quote and items as fast as possible.

Before submitting a request for a quote, please use our comprehensive search, to make sure the items you’re after are not an “off the shelf” items.

We have three main steps – as follows:

1 – The Sketch



Probably the most important part of the service is; you giving us as much information and details as you can. from the start.

We suggest you make a sketch of what it is you need and a couple angles so we can see what to mock up. We will come back to you with a sketch of our own to clarify what you’re after matches our understanding.

Sometimes a quote may not require a sketch but if you feel it could help just drop some ideas on paper as we may well ask for this.

This is a real life example of something a customer needed from us and what we made them.





2 – The Quote & Ordering bespoke or fabricated ductwork parts



Think of the following points

  • What you’d like to have made
  • Let us know if you’re looking to connect it to something and the dimensions of that.
  • What it will be used for etc.
  • If you have a timeline you’d like us to stick to so expectations can be managed from the start.
  • Delivery Address – This is important so we can fully quote you

This can help us understand what it is you’re trying to accomplish.

Send that in to with any information you feel would be relevant to the quote

We will then drop you a quote for the fabricated items you’re after

The quote will include the estimated lead times too.

Some times there may be a couple calls back and forward to talk through the options.

Once accepted / paid for (unless on account) we will state a date on which you will receive the goods and get to work

3 – Getting the goods



Now you’ve gone through the process of ordering bespoke or fabricated ductwork parts.

We’ve made your items and they’re in our warehouse.

We then typically send them out on a next working day service for you, and we will advise of this date at the time of ordering.

Email us above or navigate to the CONTACT US page to get in touch today.


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