How to buy spiral ducting pipes and avoid hidden charges


Spiral ducting – No more packaging fees

Our biggest concerns when sending out parts, of all shapes and sizes, are that they get to you in one piece and on time.

One of the most difficult items to ship are lengths of Spiral ducting. Effectively we are shipping long lengths of hollow pipe which can be handled 5-6 times between us and yourselves. We always strive to get everything to you without any damages at a fair cost. When the goods leave our workshop we are happy that we have done our best to limit any issues, by the way we package them.

This article is more focused on what to look out for when purchasing Spiral so that you are aware of any potentially hidden packing fees.

Also, to tell you that from today onwards we are no longer charging packing fees on our galvanised steel spiral ducting.  Just pay the item price and delivery charge and you are away.

What to look out for when choosing a supplier of Spiral Ducting.

This short guide goes beyond you finding the correct lengths and grades of Spiral. Although if you do need any help with that then let us know, we do bespoke quotes as well as off the shelf items.

So, you are ready to order your spiral – But who do you order it with?

Here is a list of a few things to look out for

First let us look at the packaging.

  • We package all spiral in two layers of large bubble wrap using Fragile tape. To provide visual reference that it should be handled with care, also our Dust Spares branded tape.
  • On most of the 3M lengths, we use specially moulded protection end caps which sit inside the ends, giving that extra level of protection.
  • On the other sizes we use duct tape around the ends to make sure no sharp edges are showing to protect anyone handling them.

Are the packing fees hidden?

Some websites add a surcharge for packaging into the delivery costs for each length of spiral. It is an industry wide thing that was accepted by the masses, ourselves included, until now.

We want to stand up and stand out from the crowd.  We are forever focused on improving our brand that has been built over the past 21 years. Also, looking at what the Customer wants and how we can implement this. We want to announce that we are now dropping our packaging surcharge for lengths of spiral.

Although it was low, just £2-4 per length and many others charge more, we agree that it is not something you need to be lumbered with at the end of the transaction. We not only pledge to be up front with all shipping fees, we have removed the spiral packing fees.

Are there any incentives for you to buy today?

Does the company offer Free shipping over X, Discounts, newsletters and incentives?

Top Tip – Not sure why, but sometimes great promotions like free shipping over certain amounts are hidden on websites. Some websites only show you the message when you get to 75% of the free shipping total. For us, we would rather you know the promotions that are running right from the off. The same as the shipping, returns and all the information you need to know about before you commit to buying the items. Click here once you have filled your cart and we’ll estimate your shipping cost.


Once you have all of those in check. Then you are in a much better place to decide who you would like to buy from.

When assessing your buying options of Spiral. Please do look out for the packing fees and if they are being added into the shipping rates at the end. This is not a race to the bottom because the standards can slip if competing solely on price.

For our range of galvanised spiral ducting check out the following links – 1.5m Spiral ducting and 3m Spiral ducting.

If you’re interested in seeing how spiral is made and how to connect the pipes/bends together then click the links on the product pages above.


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