Price of plastic is on the up and what it means for you – Dust Extractor Bags

Image to show the price freeze that runs out on the 16th April at 14:30 GMT

Price Freeze- Dust Extractor Bags

Ends Friday 16th April at 14:30 GMT

Image to show the price freeze that runs out on the 16th April at 14:30 GMT

Here at Dust Spares, we strive to get you the best quality materials, offering thousands of stock products available for next day delivery.

With this said, one of our most popular products are our Dust Extraction Bags, which are manufactured from high strength polymer. Which gives us the opportunity to reduce our plastic whilst using less material than a standard polythene, but still delivering a high strength quality bag.

We wanted to inform you of a price increase for the dust extractor bags that’s imminent.

Before the price increases on the 16th April or until they all sell out (which ever happens first). We wanted to give you the opportunity to purchase some at the current price point.

Stock up on your Dust Extractor Bags now:

400mm Dia Bags – Pack of 50

500mm Dia Bags – Pack of 50

600mm Dia Bags – Pack of 50


Before we get into the price increases we wanted to give you some background.

The global price of plastics has been on the rise year on year and in the past 12 months the price of plastic has soared. As you can see below.

So much so that we received a letter from British plastics federation BPF. To be completely transparent below is a link to a PDF and the letter stating the reasons.

Letter from British Plastics Federation about the shortage of plastic and rise in costs

To further visualise the increase in cost of materials here is a graph that we have been tracking, and it shows the sharp increase in cost of plastic per tonne.

Sharp increase in price per tonne of plastic by BPF

We have fought as hard as we can in the back end to minimise the increase. As you can see above the price of raw materials has increased dramatically.

7 Day Price Freeze

Here’s an overview of the prices

  • 500mm Bags Price freeze – £32.50 per box of 50 – New price £36.00 for Boxes of 50
  • 600mm Bags Price Freeze – £37.50 per box of 50 – New price is £45.00 for boxes of 50

Therefore, we have placed a 7 day price freeze on both the 500mm and 600mm diameter bags.

We have a large stock of the 400mm bags which are typically slower moving than the 500/600’s. So the price of them will not increase until later in the year date to be confirmed.

In fairness to all customers as this is one of the highest selling products we are known for. We will be limiting it to 5 boxes per order so we can share the original price with as many of you as we can, and thank you for your understanding.

Limited Stock:

400mm Dia Bags – Pack of 50

500mm Dia Bags – Pack of 50

600mm Dia Bags – Pack of 50

Eco Friendly Bags

We have been working on developing an eco friendly version of the bags. It has all the strength properties we’re known for, but is even more economically friendly.  This is something that we’re testing and working on prototypes currently so will be looking for companies like yours to be testers once ready later this year. Please drop an email if you’d be interested in testing these out for your business. If you’d be up for making the switch when the time comes do let us know.

We hope you understand and we thank you for your patience.




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