The 5 Best Features Of Semi-Rigid Uninsulated Flexible Ducting

Semi Rigid Flexible Ducting B

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At Dust Spares, we stock a range of ducting for use in dust extraction systems in factories, food processing facilities, and workshops. If you’re seeking an effective solution to maintain a clean air working environment, we offer several types of ductwork.

Semi-rigid uninsulated flexible ducting is a versatile option that features an accordion-like design that enables it to be shaped or manipulated in any direction. Therefore, if you’re looking for something thats suited for use in compact spaces, inside cabinets or on a premises that has a challenging layout, then this could be for you. Semi-rigid fume extraction ducting also offers excellent value for money as, once installed, it requires little maintenance other than periodic inspections.

Constructed from uninsulated aluminium and reinforced by a bronze-coated bead wire, semi-rigid flexible ducting is exceptionally durable and rarely develops faults. This type of ducting offers some important features that make it an excellent choice for dust extraction systems:

1. Temperature Range -30°C To +250°C.

Excellent durability at temperature extremes make our semi-rigid flexible ducting suitable for a range of industrial extraction processes. A great option for removing hot fumes. Keeping the strength and integrity of the ductwork, you can still bend and manipulate it without these features being compromised.

2. Self-Supporting, Able To Support Its Weight Up To 1m.

Our ducting can hold its own weight over short distances. It can be shaped, bent, or manipulated as necessary. This makes it ideal for the extraction of dust or fumes from work benches or other difficult-to-reach places.

3. Fire Tested To UL181 Standard.

Fire-rated ductwork is of the utmost importance in dust extraction systems. Ducting that does not meet the required safety standard can provide passage for flames in the event of a fire. This would cause it to spread rapidly and unpredictably. As a result, it’s certified fire-resistant and we manufacture and test to UL181 standard.

4. Maximum Air Velocity Of 30m/s.

With a maximum air velocity of 30 metres per second, our semi-rigid ducting combines efficiency with optimum pressure for an effective Fume extraction solution.

5. Variety Of Dimensions And Efficiency.

Efficiency is the key to effective fume extraction and once you know the correct sizing you’re good to go. We offer a range of dimensions from 80mm to 400mm, we can offer support if you’re unsure which you need by emailing us at

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