New Spray Booth Filter Media

We have everything for your Spray-shop from; Pre-filter Panels, Soil and Strip to Dry-back to Paint Arrestor Booth filters.

Paint Arrestor Extract FilterPaint Arrestor
Manufactured from spun glass fibre, available in 50 and 100mm. This media is sometimes referred to as ‘soil and Strip’ or ‘open weave’ filter media.


Ceiling filterSpray Booth Ceiling Filter
A Tacky high performance fine filter particularly suited as a ceiling filter for all paint spraying and drying applications.


Secondary Paint FilterBlue & White G4 Secondary Filter
G4 Secondary Filter used to go under the Paint Arrestor Filter. It has a progressive density to ensure that you get maximum life from your Paint Arrestor Filter.


Secondary filterWhite EU3 Pre/Secondary Filter
A most versatile, high performance filter suitable for all air conditioning systems, air intakes on compressors and electric motors or as a pre-filter to more efficient secondary filters.


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