Binks Disposable Spray Booth Filter Spotlight

Binks Concertina Filter

Binks Concertina FilterAt Dust Spares we strive to supply our customers with the best products in the business and this product is no exception.

BINKS is recognised as a global market leader in production of filtration products and we are proud to stock their Spray Booth Concertina Filter and here are a just a few reasons why:

  • Reliable – Outlasts other filters three to five times and reduces your running cost “less energy, filter changes and disposal costs”.
  • Environment Friendly – Manufactured from 100% recycled self-supporting two-ply high-grade paper.
  • Strong – Stapled and glued construction for extra strength and longer life.
  • Efficient – Between 90-98% filtration efficiency. Also, expansion strapping ensures optimum performance.
  • Superior Design – The bright white face improves spray booth lighting conditions. Can withstand a high loading capacity for a longer working life with a low pressure drop.
  • Affordable – Our prices are very competitive, and the concertina design reduces, storage and transport costs.

Filter construction and airflow analysis

See full specification details on the product page

Our main aim is to keep you and your colleagues safe in the workplace and to help you remain compliant with leading health and safety requirements.

We are very aware of the health risks involved in inhalation of dust and paint therefore the dangerous impact associated with poor management of dust in your workshop. Dust Spares have been providing effective products to help you manage this since the year 2000 – and we know that these risks are easily managed by putting the right products and systems in place.

We also stock all types of ducting & associated dust control spares, if you need any further advice our team would be pleased to discuss the most effective, and best value, solution for your business. Contact us today.


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