Spotlight on Extractor Arms

Extractor Arm

Extractor Arm

At Dust Spares we are committed on providing the best range of products possible to give the very best in dust extraction.

This Spotlight Blog presents our – Extractor Arms & associated items which provide flexible and directive dust extraction.

Did you know that our Extractor Arms:

  • Come with Polyurethane or PVC Flexible Ducting
  • Are supplied with flex that is 1m longer than its radius
  • Are fully assembled for easy installation
  • Have a Butterfly Damper to shut-off arm when not in use
  • Are Diameter; 80mm, 100mm, 125mm or 150mm depending on arm size

As we all know, proper dust collection and air filtration is important in any workplace. Repeated exposure to wood dust and fumes can cause serious health problems.

To minimise risks in the workplace all dust and fumes must be captured, and the Dust Extraction Arm provides an effective way to eliminate dust and fumes by extracting them at their source, by extending the arm to position the capture hood near to the optimum position.

Dust Spares have been providing effective products for over 30 years – risks are easily managed by putting the right products and systems in place.

We also stock a large selection of ducting & associated dust control spares, if you need any further advice our team would be happy to discuss the most effective, best value solution for your business. Contact us today.

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