Extractor Bags Product Spotlight

Extractor bag spotlight

Dust Extractor bag spotlight

It’s no secret that at Dust Spares we pride ourselves in providing products to serve the very best in dust extraction. And one of our best-selling products are our Dust Extractor Bags because they provide an effective solution to so many of our customers.

Did you know these bags are not just for woodworking! With summer now here they can be used for garden waste and rubble bags.

Have a read below on the qualities we offer on our Extractor Bags:

Super strong – our bags boast a good resistance to punctures. They are also pressure tested to ensure they have adequate strength.

Durable – and robust because we use a double seal, giving better strength than a single seal.

Consistent – we compare our products like-for-like and demand consistency in quality, whether you buy small, or as a bulk load.

Flexible – come in a variety of sizes and we can confidently say fit most types of extractor units. Used in all areas from a large industrial scale to your home workshop.

Transparent – made from a clear material so you can see what’s happening inside and monitor levels easily.

Safe – enabling our customers to safely extract dust from a variety of environments.

All our bags are quality tested in-house for the following:

  • Dimensions (-/+ 3% tolerance)
  • Thickness
  • Seals
  • Puncture Resistance
  • Pressure

Dust Spares have been providing effective products to help you manage this since the year 2000 – and we know that these risks are easily managed by putting the right products and systems in place.

We are very aware of the health risks involved in inhalation of dust and the therefore the dangerous impact associated with poor management of dust in your workshop.

Our main aim is to keep you and your colleagues safe in the workplace and to help you remain compliant with leading health and safety requirements.

We also stock all types of ducting and associated dust control spares, if you need any further advice our team would be pleased to discuss the most effective, and best value, solution for your business.

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