Card Cased Panel Filter Media Differences

Card Cased Panel Filter Media Differences Banner

Card Cased Panel Filter Media Differences Banner

Having the correct panel filter in place to filter the air in your work space is vital in ensuring that the atmosphere where your team operates is both safety compliant and that your work will be free from loose particulate. We have put together a fact file of the four types of filter media grade that we offer to provide you with information on which grade of filter media you require and why you require that particular filter media.

What Is A Panel Filter?

Card Cased Pleated Panel Filters are used to filter the air in a room by catching any particulate in the atmosphere to stop it from either causing harm to individuals in the room or interfering with the work that is taking place.

They are constructed from a heavy duty card frame with a supporting card lattice on both faces. The filter media is encapsulated between these two lattice faces in a ‘pleated vee’ formation to give greater filter area. The synthetic veelon media is also wire backed for maximum support. The filter media that we offer is supplied in four different grades: G4, F6, F7 and F8, each of which are used for different applications.

Which Grade Of Filter Media Do I Need?

  • G4 Blue – Used in Air Conditioning of Paint Booths and Kitchens
  • F6 Green – Used in Air Conditioning of Restaurants, Gyms, Shops and Workshops
  • F7 Pink – Used in Air Conditioning of Spray Booths, Offices, Schools and Theatres
  • F8 Yellow  – Used in Air Conditioning of Pharmaceutical and Laboratories

As the digit after the number increases, the efficiency of the filter also increases as they can filter out smaller and smaller particles. For example, an F6 Filter Grade has an efficiency of 60 – 80% whereas the F8 Filter Grade has an efficiency of 90 – 95%.

Because every industry has their own specific or main concerns, the different grades of filter media they require can differ greatly. For example, a Paint Booth would require a G4 Filter because the main concern is to limit the amount of dust; however, they do not need a more efficient filter media grade because the smaller particles that would be filtered out with a more efficient filter have no effect on the operatives and the production of the item.

Card Cased Panel Filters from Dust Spares

Here at Dust Spares we stock multiple sizes of Panel Filters in the standard lengths and thicknesses. If you require a bespoke size please contact us and we can manufacture any sized panel filter with a filter media of your choice.



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