Features of our 500mm Diameter Extractor Bags

500mm Diameter Bag Banner
Video Transcript:
Hi guys, thanks for joining me. For this video I will showing you our 500mm Diameter Extractor Bags.
These are ideal for the collection and handling of large amounts of wood chips, sawdust and many other industrial applications – and are also great as rubble sacks for garden waste. These are made from a 500 gauge equivalent Tristar polyethene blend, which is an advanced polymer blend, giving a high strength bag whilst using less material. These come with our unique double seal for added peace of mind and can hold around 250 litres.
The size we advertise for this bag is 32×53 inches (812x1346mm), this is the size when measured flat. When the bag is opened out wide, it can fit over a 500mm diameter spigot.
If you have a different size, we have various bag sizes in stock or the edge can be folded over – we find using a bag connection strap can help hold it securely in place.
Once you have finished and filled the bag, it can be easily sealed using a tie wrap.
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