Which Hose Clamp do I Need?

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Video Transcript:

Hi thanks for joining me, in this video I will be showing the different types of worm drive clamps that we stock. Here I have the worm drive, quick release clamp and then clamp banding.

Let’s start with our most popular – the worm drive hose clamp. We stock 9 different sizes of these. The product is a 12mm with stainless steel band with a stainless steel housing and carbon steel zinc-plated screw. The band is embossed producing a plain band and giving full contact with the clamp surface. These can be tightened with either a flat or posi drive screwdriver, or the quickest method is using a 7mm chuck and battery drill.

Next we have our 12mm wide quick release clamp which is slotted to enable slightly higher torque tightening values. We stock two sizes of these – ranging from 44 – 380mm and 44 – 550mm. To tighten you simply place the band around the item required and push it through the end of the housing. You then flick the screw down and tighten using either a flat screw driver or a 5/16″ chuck and battery drill.

Finally, our clamp banding. This a 12.7mm wide slotted design banding, which is ideal for making clamps to any size you require and is made from 201 stainless steel. This is supplied as a 3metre or 25metre length which both come with housings included. To use you first need to determine the length and cut using a suitable tool – we find the aviation tin snips work the best. Next, slip the housing over one end of the clamp banding, leaving about 3cm protruding. Then bend the clamp banding backwards to sit under the housing using an appropriate tool. Next take the other end of the clamp banding and slot through then tighten using either a flat blade or a 5/16″ chuck and a battery drill. Once the clamp has been fitted, we strongly recommend you cut off any excess banding.

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