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Extractor Bags with 30% PCW Material

Extractor Bags with 30% PCW Material

Extractor Bags with 30% PCW Material

Here at Dust Spares, we’re always looking for the best products for you.

If we can combine that with an eco friendly approach then it’s a win / win.

Many of our extractor bags have been switched over to the new 30% PCW blend already with the remaining few following in the coming months.

What is PCW?

Post-Consumer Waste

Post-Consumer Waste has completed its life cycle as a consumer item and can now be recycled and reused, as a new material.

Why are we introducing this material blend?

As part of its effort to tackle ongoing problems with litter and waste from single use plastic. The UK Government has announced that it intends to introduce new tax on plastic packaging that contains less than 30% recycled Post-Consumer Waste (PCW). Therefore, PCW material acts as a solution to this tax by improving the lifecycle of single-use polythene by introducing post-consumer waste within the blend, improving recycling and pollution.

Does this affect the makeup of the bag?

No – PCW films incorporate UK sourced Post-Consumer Waste which has been collected, washed, shredded and re pelletised. With technical film types, this recycled polymer can be used in the middle layer of a co-extruded film structure, which will then not affect performance. The only thing you may notice is the clarity of the plastic which may appear slightly cloudy.

How are they manufactured?

They are made on a co-extrusion line; this means it has three layers of polythene sandwiched together to make one polythene product. The middle layer is where the 30% recycled content is placed. This is then sandwiched between your original bag blend giving minimal to no effect on the end product.

PCW Material reuses plastic waste to create next generate polythene

With the Environment at the forefront of our thoughts along with reducing our carbon footprint we as a business are now introducing 30% PCW material within our extractor bags. This will begin to take effect as of May 2022. Our 500mm and 640mm Bags went 1st and the rest of the bags will follow over the coming months

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