Spiral ducting pipe – How it’s made

We see it every day here at Dust Spares, and it’s still something that mesmerises us. We hope that after watching this video, you feel the same!

Above is a video of Sprial ducting being manufactured. Watch closely as you can see the Spiral pipe seemingly coming out of nowhere.

The reason we made this video for you is in two parts.

Reason one – To show you how it’s made, it’s genuinely super interesting and a little mesmerising hey! So sit back and enjoy.

Reason two – We get a lot of questions from people, asking if we can do other sizes, or if the sizes we offer online are the only ones that are possible. The short answer is yes we do more sizes, but the ones online are the most common. Whether you have a big or small job, we hope that by showing you how it’s made (beyond the entertainment value) that you can see how much scope we have to help you with any job.

Thank you for watching and if you have any questions please do let us know at info@dustspares.co.uk


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