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A Brief Guide to Spray Booth Filters | Dust Spares

A Brief Guide to Spray Booth Filters | Dust Spares

A Brief Guide to Spray Booth Filters – 3 minute read

A spray booth is any enclosed environment made to facilitate paint spraying. It helps prevent dust and other particles from contaminating the air inside, or escaping to the outside environment. As such, each spray booth requires an extraction system capable of removing fine particulate and exhaust fumes from the booth safely, and adequate filters to capture larger airborne particles that may otherwise clog the system.

Spray booth filters ensure that the air entering the spray booth is clean and free from contaminants or other hazardous chemicals, and that the air leaving the booth is equally clean. Using good filters guarantees a high-quality paint job and, at the same time, ensures health and safety standards for operators are met.

Therefore, your spray booth filters should be kept in good order – which means using the right type of filter in the first place, cleaning it at regular intervals, and replacing it according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. In the long run, a well selected and maintained filter increases the lifespan of your spray booth equipment and the quality of your work.

Let’s have a look at the types of spray booth filters available so you can make the best choice for your application.

1) Concertina filter

Concertina filters are the most common type of spray booth filter. The filter features a concertina design constructed from a layer of recycled cardboard. The cardboard is fitted in a unique way to provide a large surface area for maximum air filtration. This means that it can purify the air of up to 90% to 98% of particulate matter, depending on the product.

Concertina filters are ideal for handling light water repellent treatment, and you can fold them to allow for easy storage and portability. Moreover, concertina filters usually have excellent paint holding capacity, and last for about five times as long as those made of polyester or fibreglass. More importantly, this spray booth filter complies with standards for spray gun operator safety. Shop now starting from as little as £23.50

2) Extract filter

An extract filter is a spun fibreglass mesh filter that eliminates excess spray and solvent vapour, and filters the air leaving the booth. This ensures that staff and the external environment receive clean air free from contaminants. Extract filters also ensure that the spray booth’s inner setting is protected from overspray, which in turn increases the longevity of the spray booth. Shop the range below

3) Ceiling filter

A ceiling filter is a fine-weave high-performance filter designed for spray booths that use a down-draft system. In these extraction and ventilation systems, the air circulates from the booth’s ceiling down to the floor. Ceiling filters are treated with a tacky fluid and scrim backing to prevent dust loss due to vibration, and ensures a clean air supply in and out of the booth. Down-draft system filters require less frequent replacement than many other models. For your ceiling filter needs.

4) Card case pleated panel filter

Card case pleated panel filters are made from card compressed between lattice faces to form pleats that capture dust and contaminant particles. These pleated structures increase the surface area of the filter and improve its performance and carrying capacity. Like concertina filters, cardboard pleated filters are cheaper than fibreglass and polyester alternatives and are more sustainable to produce. Grab your Card case pleated panel filters now.

5) Paint Arrestor – Rolls

Glass fibre filters are often known as paint stop or paint arrestor filters. This is best suited for high spray paint applications, mainly within automotive refinishing. A great alternative to the card case pleated panels is the strip and soil fibre glass paint arrestors. This comes in rolls either 65mm or 100mm and instead of waiting for the card cases to be full, with this you can strip the soiled layer and continue to use. Both 65mm and 100mm rolls available online now.

Find out more\

To sum it up, filters are must-have components for any spray booth extraction system. They help maintain safe working conditions for your employees, prevent damage to your spray equipment and spoilage of your paint jobs, and stop harmful particles damaging the environment. To find out more, or for help choosing the best filter for your application, please give us a call today.

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