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Video - How To: Joining Two Pieces of Spiral Together

Video - How To: Joining Two Pieces of Spiral Together

Video Transcript:

Hi, today we are going to be joining two pieces of spiral ducting together.

All you need is a male coupler and the spiral. The male coupler slides inside the spiral, and you can join a piece of spiral ducting on to the other end of the male coupler, like so.

There are several ways that you can join and seal the spiral ducting together, we are going to explain how to do a couple of them:

The first way is with tek screws and tape. We would take a battery drill or drill with a chuck and tek screw and pin the male coupler and spiral ducting together using the tek screw. This would be typically every 100mm around the circumference - equally spaced. Then apply tape to seal, either aluminium foil tape or duct tape, to provide a seal on the joint.

Alternatively you can use sealant. To do this, before you actually join the two parts together, you would take the sealant gun and put a bead of sealant around the circumference of the male coupler. Pushing the parts together and wiping off any excess. Then you can repeat the process of the tek screws, pinning every 100mm around the circumference on both sides to provide a seal.

That's your spiral ducting joined together - thanks for watching!

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