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How To: Assemble Unistrut Bracket Kit Video | Dust Spares

How To: Assemble Unistrut Bracket Kit Video | Dust Spares

Video Transcript:

Hi guys, in this video I will be explaining how the unistrut bracket kit fits together.

Here we have got a split clip, some threaded rod, channel nuts, top plates and M10 nuts.

Take a piece of M10 rod and wind a nut on to each end, approximately 15-20mm down the length.

Then drop a top plate on with the bends facing downwards and a channel nut with the ridges facing upwards and wind that on.

You can pass that on to the unistrut, and loosely tighten.

On the other side, you can do the same again.

At this point you can keep these quite loose so that they can slide along the unistrut.

Now we can add the bottom half of the split clip, and tighten the nuts above the top plates to secure them into position.

You would then put your ducting into the split clip and secure it in place with the top half of the split clip - securing with nuts on top.

Also included in the kit are end caps for the unistrut and nut caps to finish it off nicely.

You now have your unistrut bracket kit assembled - thanks for watching!

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