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We are the Market Leader in Dust Control Spare Part Supply

Dust Spares Loyalty Club

Allow us to introduce the Dust Spares Loyalty Club, a program designed to enhance your shopping experience. Every pound you spend becomes an opportunity to earn discounts – a simple exchange of £20 spent for £1 in loyalty points.

How it works

The concept is elegantly straightforward: for every £20 you spend, you'll earn £1 in loyalty points. That's right – with every purchase you make, a portion of it comes right back to you as loyalty points, which you can then redeem off your next purchase. No complicated calculations or hidden fees!

Please note, this applies to customers who have an online account and are logged in

Why Choose Dust Spares Loyalty

◉ Immediate Gratification: You don't have to wait for months to see your loyalty rewards accumulate. Once the order has been shipped and completed (You can see this in your dashboard) the points will be added.

◉ Flexibility and Freedom: Your loyalty points are yours to use as you please. Whether you want to apply them to your next purchase or save them - you have the freedom to choose.

◉ No Fine Print: We believe in transparency. There are no hidden terms or complex conditions. When we say £20 spent equals £1 in loyalty points, we mean it.

◉ Enhanced Shopping Experience: Shopping should be a rewarding experience, and the Dust Spares Loyalty club is here to amplify that reward. Not only do you get the products you need, but you also receive rewards for being a loyal customer.

How to Join

Joining is as easy as pie. When you make a purchase on our website and are logged into your account, you'll automatically be enrolled in the program. You'll start earning loyalty points from your very first transaction, and you can keep track of your points on your personalised loyalty points dashboard.

Frequently asked questions

Is my data secure?

Dust Spares values your data privacy; we do not resell or share data gathered from the loyalty club with any third party, ensuring your information remains confidential and secure. Your trust in our commitment to privacy is important to us.

Is there any costs associated with joining the club?

No - joining our loyalty club is completely free of charge!

Are there any restrictions or limitations on how I can use my savings?

Disabled Rewards for Orders Paid with Rewards: To maintain fairness and prevent any misuse, rewards cannot be earned on orders paid for using loyalty points. We want to encourage new purchases to keep the rewards flowing.

Redemption Limit of 50% of Each Order: While we want you to enjoy the benefits of your loyalty, we've set a limit to ensure a balance between earning and redeeming. You can redeem up to 50% of the net value of each order using your loyalty points.

What parts of my order earn savings?

Your rewards are calculated on the net price of any goods you purchase.

What happens to my savings if I return a product or cancel an order?

Savings are deducted for any returned products as a refund is issued. Rewards are only issued on delivery of your products, so cancelled orders will not impact your account.

Is there an expiration date for the rewards I earn?

Other than promotions that extend the life of rewards, you usually have 366 days to use them.

Are there any special promotions or bonus savings opportunities within the loyalty club?

Not yet, but keep an eye on our newsletter or social media pages for updates on special events, where you can earn extra savings on future orders!

Can I transfer my savings or rewards to someone else?

Only in exceptional circumstances will we be able to permit transferring rewards to other accounts. Please email info@dustspares.co.uk to find out more.

So, what are you waiting for? Join the Dust Spares Loyalty club today, and let's embark on this rewarding journey together. Happy shopping and even happier earning!