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We are the Market Leader in Dust Control Spare Part Supply

Frequently Asked Questions | Dust Spares


All Spiral ducting is female ended (meaning male parts will fit inside).

Fitting two lengths of spiral together requires a Male coupler, or male part.

The same as Spiral ducting, all flexible ducting is female ended (meaning male parts will fit inside).

Fitting two of the same you'll need a coupler, in this case fitting flexible ducting to more flex, or to lengths of Spiral ducting you'll need a male coupler. 

All other ductwork parts (bends, reducers, etc) are male ended and fit inside both flexible and spiral ducting. 

Buy a Worm Drive Hose clamp to connect each end of the flex to those.

All bends and ductwork parts that fit with the lengths of spiral are male ended, although on request we can fabricate female parts if needed.

Fitting two of the same you'll need a coupler. 

Fitting two bends or parts together requires a female coupler.

The Spiral Duct and Female Couplers are female ended meaning that all fittings such as Reducers, Bends etc are male ended and will slot straight in.

To connect them we suggest using a bead of silicone around the end of the part/coupler that will come in contact to the inside of the spiral, then Tec screws around the outside of the ductwok to connect the two. Usually 4-6 at opposite points, depending on how large the ductwork is. The larger the more you'd naturally use. 

A male coupler and worm drive hose clamps will be required to do this.
All sizes are compatible with multiple units – i.e. UMA 250 fits units – UMA 252, 253 & 254.
The final number (2,3 or 4) relates to the bin size. G5, K7 etc. relates to the fan size.
Available with following finshes:

- Standard Glazed - Dust Release

- Anti-static (Epitropic) - Dust & plastic

- UCF / Universal Chemical Finish (Oleophobic) - Resists Moisture & Oil

- Nomex - Flame Retardant


We stock 4 different types of filter media

- G4 - Blue for Paint Booths

- F6 - Green for Gyms and Shops

- F7 - Pink for Spray Booths

- F8 - Yellow for Pharmaceuticals

We can supply you with:
- Card Case Pleated Panel filters
- Card Case Glass Panel Filters
- Metal Case Pleated Panel Filters
- Card Case Carbon Panel Filters
- Metal Frame Grease Filters