Flexible Ducting

Flexible duct including PVC, PU Polyurethane, Silicone and Aluminium ducting for dust, fume, vapour, wood waste extraction and food application.
Flexible Ducting - 6 Metres
Flexible Ducting - 10 Metres
Flexible Ducting - 15 Metres
Heavy Duty Blue Spiral
Aluminium - Combi Flex
Stayput - 5m Length
Anti-static - 10m Length
Thermaresistant - 12m Length
Aluminium - Insulated - 10m Length
Aluminium - Uninsulated - 10m Length
Aluminium - Acoustic - 10m Length
Arm Replacement Flex
PVC Anti-Shock - 10m Length
Heavy Duty Wyreflex - 4m Length
PVC Vacuum - 15m Length
Chemical Rubber - High Temp - 10m Length
Food Application - 10m Length
1 Ply Silicone - 4m Length
2 Ply Silicone - 4m Length
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