Top 3 Questions about Flexible ducting & New Product Launch

This image shows the new length of flexible ducting and that the 3m variant is available for purchase

This image shows the new length of flexible ducting and that the 3m variant is available for purchase






In this article we will discuss and point you in the right direction regarding the top 3 questions we get surrounding Flexible ducting.

  1. Do I need flexible or rigid ducting for the job at hand?
  2. How do I connect flexible ducting to rigid/ spiral ducting
  3. Can I have a shorter length of flexible ducting over 6m?

The best place to start is by pointing you in the direction of Flexible Ducting as a category – So you can easily find what yopu’re looking for once finised reading.

This is only a 4 minute read.

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Here at dust spares we pride our selves on being able to help you with the job at hand, whether it be big or small.

In true “You ask, we answer” style, todays blog is to announce a product many of you have been asking for for some time.

Over the past year we have had an increasing amount of demand for shorter lengths of our PU Flexible ducting than the smallest option that currently sits at 6 meters.

As you may be aware the flexible ducting comes in compressed lengths of 6m, 10m and 15m.

This blog is to both announce the new 3m lengths and answer the other most asked questions surrounding Flexible Ducting we get asked.

Here are the top 3 questions we get regarding Flexible ducting and links to the relevant blogs.

1 – Do I need flexible or rigid ducting for the job at hand?

As there are many uses for both, and many jobs can be done with either. We usually ask more questions to determine what you need and work from there.

We thought. What’s the best way to write something that could benefit more people.

Our answer. Do a comparison of the rigid and flexible ducting.

That way you can use this information to make an informed decision.

Read our blog post here: Flexible Ducting vs Rigid ducting

The above article gives you a great comparison over flexible or rigid ducting.

The answer is quite often a mix of the two is useful depending on the job to be done and size of operation.

For example , a joiner who has a wood turning station, they might need some flexible ducting, or even an arm to reach the source of dust and be stowed away when not in use.

For this set up we would use the flexible ducting or recommend a dust extraction arm.

This is so you can easily move into position whilst you’re creating. Then the rest of the system can be a rigid duct.

We’d recommend you take a look at the above article if you have this as one of your questions.

2 – How do I connect the flexible ducting to spiral ducting?

It’s a question we get a few times a week so thought would be best to share the answers with you too.

As above, now you know that you need the flexible ducting, the next question is. How do I install flexible ducting into my rigid ducting.

Below is a quick 1 minute video showing you just that. Very simple really, and you’re not the 1st person to ask.

This short video shows you how quick and easy it is to connect a length of flex to any spiral parts.

All you need is the flex and parts and a worm drive hose clamp HERE

3 – Can I have a off cut or a shorter length than a 6m?

We haven’t answered this one publicly before so wanted to get you the answers you’re after today.

We get a good number of people each week asking us for shorter lengths of flex. Now is the time to create a product for you.

The majority of those that wanted shorter lengths would have had to buy a 6m and cut it down. Many storing the excess for a rainy day or not even buying at the time.

In our style of “you ask we answer”, we wanted to get you the exact items that you are asking for.

This week we launched the 3meter flex – Click here to shop now

It has all the capabilities and technical specifications of the 6m lengths just shorter.

It’s suited for dry applications, the suction and transportation of dust, chips and abrasive particles, such as wood waste and general industrial and agricultural applications.

The spiralled coil is a right hand helix (clockwise), however, left hand can be supplied on request of a quote.

We are trialling it on the PU standard flex to begin with. We may in the future be able to roll it out through the other products in the range if demand is there. Let us know if that would be useful.

It will be available from 63mm to 150mm initially as that’s the majority of the applications that you’ve been looking at.

Whether you’re  replacing small lengths of flex from an extractor fan or even extraction arm. We’ve even seen it be used in a Zoo as a ferret run (blog coming soon). All great reasons to buy a 3m length for those jobs.

See our full range of flexible ducting products here

Again  if you have any questions you can email is on or call us on 03456800696


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