Introducing the worlds fastest ducting – Nordfab

This shows the Authorised dealer logo for the worlds fastest ducting - Nordfab

This shows the Authorised dealer logo for the worlds fastest ducting - Nordfab

We are proud to announce that we are the East Midlands Authorised Dealer of the worlds fastest ducting.

We have forged a partnership with a huge UK Manufacturer to offer you another style of ducting.  Clip ducting will now be available from Dust Spares.

May we introduce our partnership with industry leaders Nordfab to offer Quick-Fit ducting.

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Why having a UK manufacturer is important

Some of the biggest global manufacturers of clip ducting are based in Europe, specifically – Germany Spain and Belgium.

The great thing about the ducting we manufacture (Spiral ducting and flexible ducting) and now the Nordfab Clip together Quick fit ducting, is that it’s all manufactured here in the UK.

Of course, having a UK solution for the job at hand allows us to:

  • Keep the prices down, giving you great value for money.
  • Lead times are much faster than overseas items.
  • Buying these products supports our own economy.

We’re proud that over 60% (and that’s now rising) of the items we stock are manufactured here in the UK.

As part of our plan to help more businesses, whether big or small, and offer solutions to problems they incur. This is a huge move in the right direction.

Clip ducting is one of those products that once you install you don’t know why you didn’t have it to start with.

We will still manufacture the spiral ducting and bends etc this will live along side those to give you more options. The idea is to offer both varieties ongoing as they will fit different business models equally.

Having the ability to now offer you the following types of ducting can only be a benefit to all involved.

  • Nordfab Quick Fit (Clip) Ducting *NEW*
  • Spiral Ducting
  • Flexible Ducting

In the coming months we will extend the range available. This includes flanged ducting also further allowing us to reach more industries who typically prefer this style of ducting.

The great thing with it is that there are adapters for all types of ducting so you could join different types together with ease if you wanted to extend your current system or partially start changing from one style to the other.

This is an image to show that we're an authorised dealer of Nordfab ducting

Benefits of Nordfab Quick-Fit Ducting:

As part of our mission to offer the industry the best value, trusted brands and great service, we feel this is a huge move in the right direction.

Here are some of the benefits of installing the Nordfab Ducting.

  • Rolled edge clip ducting is available within this range
  • With the clip ducting each piece can be secured in under 10 seconds – unlike traditional ducting (don’t believe us, see the video below).
  • Adding bends or custom parts to a system couldn’t be easier. Unclip the old part and replace with the new in seconds.
  • Adapters so you can attach this to your spiral ducting with ease, and also to flexible ducting.
  • Telescopic sliding ducting is available to fit between the smaller gaps to save on cutting it down like traditional ducting

Take a look at the video of how fast this quick fit ducting can be put together

When is Nordfab Quick-Fit ducting available to buy?

The simple answer is right now,

Over the Phone / Email – It’s available now and we’ve already had Nordfab pointing business our way which is great to see.

  • Website – The range is now live. As there are over 12,000 products/varients we will be updating the website periodically.
  • Shop the range here
  • If you can’t find what you are looking for best to email or call us to get your quotes on the below details:
  • Email –
  • Call – 03456 800 696

Keep your eyes peeled for the new additions to the website over the coming weeks.

It’s a simple job for us to put together a quote from a sketch or if you have a list of what you need, we will be able to quote for your bespoke orders.




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