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Spray Booth Concertina Filter


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Weight 9.00 kg
Brand Binks
Our Price: £25.00


Genuine Binks Spray Booth Cardboard Concertina Filter

Size - 90cm x 9m Long

General Description :

  • Recycled intercraft cardboard
  • Light water repellent treatment

Performance :

Separations efficiency according to modified ASHRAE Standards :

  • Ranging from 90% to 98% depending on sprayed product.
  • Retention capacity ranging from 5 to 18 kg/m² depending on sprayed product density.

All Dust Spares panel filters adhere to stringent test standards which follow two parts - Arrestance and Efficiency.

This product complies with the PR-EN779 standard, as known to date, and with the European directives.


Filter Construction Self-supporting, 2-ply high strength cardboard paper. Bright white finish.
Air Flow Rates 100-200 feet per minute (0.5 – 1.0 meters per second). Normal 140 fpm (0.7 ms)
Pressure Differential Initial @ 0.75 M/S + 30 PA (0.12” SWG) Maximum 130-250 PA (0.52”-1.0” SWG)
Temp. Range Maximum 180°C (356°F)
Expansion Limiter Expansion limiting straps ensure correct pleat guaranteeing optimum density of 8 corrugations per running foot (30.4cm)


Part No
Desc. Surface Area Size Imp. Size Metric
207229F Standard Filter 10 sq. yds H 36” x L 30’ H 90cm x 924cm